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Serenade is the best way to share songs you’re listening on your iPhone with your friends. With a tap, you can send the song you’re currently listening on Twitter, Facebook, via email, SMS or copy the song information so you can paste it anywhere else. Along with your message, we’ll add a link to your song so your friends can immediately listen to a preview of the song and buy it straight from iTunes, YouTube or Spotify. Learn more about Serenade on its website.

Seamless integration

Just listen to your favorite songs in the Music application like you usually do, we'll take care of the rest.

Easy sharing

You can share your song in one tap, or write your own message.

Many ways of sharing

You can share your songs on Twitter, Facebook via Email or SMS/iMessage.


A link to your song on iTunes, Youtube, Spotify or Grooveshark will be added along with your message.

Other Apps

We've built many iOS apps, including Voilà!, one of the first service allowing users to share and broadcast their location online and discover interesting places around them, as well as a conference room locator which allows employees to easily locate and get information about conference rooms around them. We also helped Zappli build myShoppanion, an app that allowed you to easily find products, save and share them, read reviews and buy them at the best price wether online or in stores.

About Us

We love to design and build great iOS apps with simple and unique design. Our name,
Crist Drive, is where it all started, where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created Apple and they are our source of inspiration. Just like them, we like to think differently and have a whole new take on the problems we think about. We believe mobile technology has the power to improve our life in so many different ways. And it’s just the beginning...

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